TEDX WOMEN AMSTERDAM. I am selected for the last 25 speakers TedX Women Amsterdam about my fashion line 'Silk Tunics Treasures of Nature': 'One high quality product, which you can wear on several occasions in all seasons is better for the environment. 100% Silk Tunics ’Treasures of Nature’ by Petra Hart are wearable on both sides in five different styles: working, beaching, dining, dancing and clubbing.  Silk takes 40% moisture, without feeling it. It is elastic, durable and strong. A PETRA HART Tunic weighs only 80 grams, so it’s easy to travel with. It's warm in winter and cool in summer. Sold items are reproduced immediately since I work on demand. No more products in the world than necessary. Unsold items are available next season together with the new collection.  Produced items will not destroyed or thrown away. There is no sale or discount on my product. This makes it a strong brand. The luxury feel remains. I produce in Holland, so no child labour. I am looking for small label stores or gift shops all over the world so everyone has the chance to participate in the new luxury style driven by heart.'
LOOKING FOR EXCLUSIVE FASHION DESIGNS. Enter the world of PETRA HART Online boutique for our selection of unique and exclusive 100% silk 5-in1 Tunics. Discover the awesome items which you can wear on several occasions in all seasons. They're wearable on both sides in 5 different styles. Beaching, Clubbing, Dancing, Working and Dining. It weighs only 80 grams, so easy to travel with. We ship online orders to locations all over the world for free! Visit the PETRA HART Online boutique >

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